Bitter Creek Cafe

1331 N 7th St #180
Phoenix, AZ 85006
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About Bitter Creek Cafe

- Bitter Creek Restaurant & Café, located in Phoenix offers up some excellent food for delivery, take out, or dine in. Bitter Creek Restaurant & Café fan’s will tell you the food is “Off the HOOK!” From breakfast to late lunch, Bitter Creek Restaurant & Café has a little bit of everything for everyone with a strong emphasis some pretty terrific sandwiches. Bitter Creek Restaurant & Café online menu for delivery offers a breakfast menu hosting Three Egg Omelet’s; Breakfast Sandwiches and Burritos; Breakfast Dishes; and A La Carte. The rest of Bitter Creek Restaurant & Café online menu offers Salads; Hot Sandwiches; Cold Sandwiches; Specials; Sides; Goodies; Pastries and Desserts; Hot Gourmet Coffee Drinks; Iced Gourmet Coffee Drinks; Blended Frappes; Beverages; Snacks and Appetizer; and a huge Catering menu that is quite impressive with great prices! Get off the hook and get online and order from Bitter Creek Restaurant & Café.

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I just wanted to say that I simply love this place. I order breakfast every so often and every time I get my food, it taste great and its fast. I love giving my hard earned cash to these people because they really do make good food. Not only is the food good but they are friendly sweet and caring, I tried tipping the guy when he delivered my food and he didn't want that big of a tip (meaning they aren't greedy) When I want something that taste and feels like it came from my own kitchen where it was made with love then I order food here. Some of you might say, Well...15$ limit is a lot for one person ordering breakfast..? No, Its not. I ordered an omelet, a fruit cup, a side of bacon, Coffee and a muffin. Not only am I stuffed and ready for work but I have a snack for later too and 15$ is a fair price for the great of a breakfast. ORDER HERE!!!!!!!! 5stars all the way.
Kat (1 reviews | 12 orders)
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fast, delicious and convenient
Emily (2 reviews | 10 orders)
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Food is always great, their salads are awesome, proportions are generous & I couldn't be more impressed with how fast they deliver & it's always with a smile. I'll continue to give my business to Bitter Creek Cafe again & again.
Manny (1 reviews | 4 orders)
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